Mom Accused of Breaking Into Home With Daughter, 2, and Sister, 13, in Tow While Shooting Video

Ashley Ball, 22, says that despite being charged with breaking and entering, she wouldn't call it that.

A North Carolina mother has been accused of taking her 2-year-old daughter along for the ride as she broke into a home and posted video of the unlawful entry on YouTube.

The video starts with the mom, Ashley Ball, her 13-year-old sister and the toddler carefully scoping out the house, which appears to be under renovation. The little girl is seen wearing only a diaper as the three survey the property. 

They got in through an unlocked window and began exploring the inside the house with the toddler in tow. Other videos on Ball's YouTube page show her inside other buildings.

The Randolph County Sheriff's Office later posted video of her arrest after getting an anonymous tip about her YouTube videos.  

“I probably shouldn't have took along my daughter, but she goes everywhere with me and I didn't feel there was any danger,” Ball, 22, told Inside Edition while cuddling her daughter, Crystal. 
She added that she believed the house was abandoned.

Ball told Inside Edition she didn't take anything from the house, and was only “urban exploring,” the act of touring vacant structures.

Another video Ball had posted was taken inside a now-abandoned hospital.

When asked if she should be breaking into homes, she denied any wrongdoing, saying: “Well, that's what I’m being charged with, but I wouldn't necessarily call it that.”

Ball has been charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.