Mom Delivers Baby on Hospital Floor After She Can't Make It to Maternity Ward: 'It Just Happened'

Baby Max seemed to have a schedule of his own.

This special delivery appeared to have a schedule of its own.

Jes Hogan, a Kansas mother of five, couldn't quite make it past the emergency room hallway before her sixth baby suddenly arrived.

“It just happened — we couldn’t even get a wheelchair," Hogan told "I could feel him moving down. I put my hand down and I could feel his head [...] at that point, I knew I just didn’t want him to fall."

As Hogan delivered her baby while partially standing up as her husband Travis and a nurse supported her, birth photographer Tammy Karin of Little Leapling Photography captured the dramatic scene.

“I was so impressed by how the hospital staff gently and carefully handled the unexpected situation," Karin told "I just knew that either the baby was going to be born in the car or very quickly after. I was ready to jump into action."

Hogan explained that she had already been in labor for several days, but when her water broke shortly before they headed to the hospital, she knew it was going to be quick.

“It was really fast,” she said. “The joke of the hospital every time someone came to check on the baby, they’re like, ‘Are you the one who gave birth on the floor?' They took great care of us.”

Baby Max, who was the first boy among his five older sisters, and his mom are doing well after the delivery earlier this month.