Mom Says Kids Who TP'd Her House Did 'Amazing Job'

And she can't wait to get payback.

This mom wasn't upset when some kids toilet-papered her house — she waged war.

Aubrey Depree Seymour posted a photo of her front yard in San Clemente, California. Streamers of toilet tissue hung from her trees and draped over her car. Wads were strewn across the driveway.

"To the kids that TP'd our house last night, I have a few choice words for you...AMAZING job, you have given me faith that there are still youths that choose to go ABOVE and BEYOND. ... I do have you on my ring and when I find out who you on my friend, we too have a Costco size supply of TP," Seymour wrote on June 14.

The mom's fun post about the prank has more than 300,000 and 120,000 shares.

People flooded the post's comment section to commend Seymour for her "fantastic attitude" and her willingness to "let kids be kids."

Seymour told Inside Edition that the kids' prank and her response was "all just good fun."

And now, it seems Seymour is ready for her revenge.

"We know who you are, we're coming for you. Game on," she told her pranksters.