Mom Says She Was Kicked Out of Oklahoma Six Flags for Too-Short Shorts

The encounter between Bailey Breedlove and park staff was captured on camera as her daughter sat in tears next to her.

What was supposed to be a fun day at Six Flags ended in tears for one family when mom Bailey Breedlove says she was told by park police that her shorts were too short. A video of the incident shows a park employee telling Breedlove, “I asked for your information so I can issue a criminal trespass.”

“They’re saying her shorts are too small,” the man behind the camera said.

“Once we asked for ID, you have to identify yourself,” another woman, who was wearing a police shirt, said.

“You guys, I was leaving,” Breedlove said.

“Give me your ID,” the woman in the police shirt said.

Meanwhile Breedlove’s daughter was pictured next to her crying and putting her head in her hands.

“Look at this. Look at what you’re doing to my daughter,” Breedlove said.

Now Breedlove is speaking out to Inside Edition. “Honestly, I was shocked,” she said.

Breedlove says it started when a guard told her 11-year-old daughter to stop rolling down a hill. Then she says the guard began "harassing" her about her shorts.

“What’s sad is [my daughter] thought it was her fault,” Breedlove continued. “My daughter crying, was thinking I was about to get arrested, because this lady pulled out handcuffs right in front of her.”

“Identify yourself and you can leave,” the woman in the police shirt said during the encounter.

The entire family was then escorted out of the park in Oklahoma City.

“I will wear these shorts anywhere, because I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with them,” Breedlove told Inside Edition.

Breedlove says she has been banned from all Six Flag theme parks for five years, but that it’s OK because she doesn’t want to go back anyway. Six Flags did not respond to Inside Edition’s request for comment.

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