Should a Woman Be Kicked Off a Flight for Wearing a Romper?

A physician posted on Instagram about being removed from a plane and being told her clothing choice was inappropriate.

Should a person be kicked off a flight for wearing a romper in the summer?

That's what a physician says happened to her on an American Airlines plane in Jamaica. 

Dr. Trish Rowe was flying from Jamaica to Miami with her 8-year-old son, she told Inside Edition. She was wearing a romper when, she said, a flight attendant asked to speak to her. She claimed the employee told her the outfit was inappropriate.

Rowe said she was escorted off the plane and told she could not reboard unless she covered up. She said she was given a blanket.

The doctor's son was traumatized by the incident, she said. He covered his head with the blanket and cried.

Rowe posted about her encounter on Instagram and drew a fierce reaction.

"How else should one dress ... from Kingston to Miami? Sweats?Jeans? Turtleneck? 3 piece suit? Floor length skirt? ... You policed her curves. Shame on you," one commenter wrote.

In a statement, American Airlines said, "We want to personally apologize to Dr. Rowe and her son for their experience, and have fully refunded their travel."

The company added that it is proud to provide a positive travel experience for customers of all backgrounds.