Mom With Terminal Cancer on Mission to Find Love for Daughter With Times Square Billboard

Beth Davis found out one year ago that breast cancer had extensively spread to her bones. She now wants to make sure her 30-year-old daughter Molly finds a partner who adores her and with whom she can start a family.

A billboard in Times Square is causing quite a sensation, but it doesn’t feature any celebrities, just a woman named Molly. 
The ad was placed by Molly’s mother, Beth Davis, who hopes to find love for her 30-year-old daughter.

“Date my daughter. I’m Molly’s wingman and her mom,” the billboard that stands next to an Olivia Rodrigo ad reads. 

The billboard was financed by dating app Wingman after Davis wrote a tragic post about her story.

“A year ago I found out that breast cancer had extensively spread to my bones,” Davis wrote. “I’m now on a mission to find a good man for my daughter to love … I want to know I’m leaving her in good hands.”

Now thousands of people visiting the crossroads of the world are staring in awe at the giant billboard of a mom asking all eligible bachelors if they want to date her daughter.

Davis said she wants to do everything she can to bring joy to her daughter. 

“I’d like to see her with a great family and a nice man,” she said. “That would really make me happy.” 

Molly was totally on board with the billboard.

“I think we both want the same thing, which is someone who adores me,” she said. 

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