Moms Gather for Colorful 'Rainbow Baby' Photo Shoot

The photographer was inspired.
Ashley Sargent Photography

For the shoot, Ashley Sergeant had 40 mothers dress in the different colors of the rainbow.

Moms in Alabama participated in a “rainbow baby” photo shoot to commemorate their journeys. 

Photographer Ashley Sargent said she was inspired to put together the shoot after she received so much positive feedback from a shoot she had done for another rainbow baby mom.

“We photographed the newborn girl along with an arrangement of flowers spread out to look like a rainbow,” Sargent told “Women began commenting on it saying it meant so much to them to see it beautifully done the way we presented, and they began talking about their own rainbow children.”

So, Sargent decided it'd be nice to bring women together. For the shoot, Sargent had 40 mothers dress in the different colors of the rainbow. Many posed alongside their rainbow children

“Some were generational rainbow babies, some were twins, some were adults, some had multiple rainbow babies. But together they stood,” Sargent said.

At the end of the shoot, Sargent surprised the women and had them release balloons to honor their lost children. It was an emotional moment for all involved.

Amanda Presson, who lost one of her children during a twin pregnancy, said she participated in the photo shoot to show solidarity with other parents.

“We did it in support of all the other mamas out there that have been through this and are still fighting for their rainbow baby,” Presson said. “It was an emotional and amazing experience for all of us to come together.”