Monkey Lunges at Tourist and Grabs Her Hair After Stealing Her Hat

The incident occurred last summer, but has now gained worldwide attention.

A tourist got quite a fright as a monkey in Cancun suddenly turned violent and grabbed her hair after stealing her hat.

The woman was visiting the Mexican resort city in July 2017 when she came across the curious little monkey that took an interest in the Vancouver Canucks hat she was wearing.

The monkey climbed on a fence and appeared to observe the tourist before reaching out and taking the hat right off the woman's head. 

"You're stealing my hat, don't steal my hat," she was heard saying in a video which has gone viral. 

The tourist then tried to get her hat back, and that's when the monkey turned violent, lunging at the woman, grabbing her long blonde hair and pulling it through the fence. 

As the tourist screamed out in pain and shock, the monkey eventually released her from his grip after a few seconds. 

Luckily, the tourist escaped with no injuries

She later wrote about the incident online and explained what occurred. 

“My friends and I were exploring the grounds of a resort we stayed at near Cancun last summer when we happened upon some random monkeys sharing an enclosure in a wooded area near the entrance of the resort," she wrote. "Though they had food and water, the monkeys seemed bored. Fancying myself a bit of an animal whisperer, I began trying to engage them.

"The first two monkeys we met seemed quite friendly — one actually reached for my water bottle and allowed me to give him a drink. The monkey in the video, who was separated from the other two, was fascinated with my Vancouver Canucks hat. I didn't realize how badly he wanted it until it was too late," she wrote.