Myanmar Teen Killed After Being Shot by Military Forces While Riding his Bike

This is one of many incidents that have happened since the February 1 military coup. Thousands have been imprisoned and hundreds have reportedly been murdered.

Myanmar residents are outraged after military forces killed a teenager. Kyaw Min Watt, 17, was riding his motorbike when he was struck in the head, point-blank, with a rubber bullet.

A funeral was held for Watt, and as his coffin was taken to a crematorium, protestors angrily denounced Myanmar's military government. Sadly, for the Southeast Asian nation, this is one of many dramatic scenes that have emerged since the Feb. 1 military coup.

Across the country, there have been daily protests against the military's seizure of power. There are even people who are burning copies of the constitution imposed by the government. And the military's crackdown of protest has been vicious.

In one occurrence, the military fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a group of protestors behind a barricade. In many instances, protestors have been spotted fleeing from gunfire. Reportedly, over 500 people have been killed, and thousands have been imprisoned.

A UN Special Envoy was recently quoted saying, "a bloodbath is imminent" if nothing is done to curb the crackdown.

Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State, has spoken out and condemned Myanmar's military government. He continues to call on the military regime to release all the people who have been unjustly detained and to stop its attacks and halt the killings by its security forces.

When asked about the violence, President Joe Biden said, “It’s terrible. It’s absolutely outrageous based on the reporting I've gotten an awful lot of people have been killed totally unnecessarily."

Even so, neither the United Nations nor the U.S. has taken concrete steps to address what's happening in Myanmar.