Mysterious Sound Heard on Doorbell Camera Spooks Utah Neighborhood

Several theories were floated about the noise, which kept up residents of one Salt Lake City neighborhood. The sound was captured by a doorbell camera and in a 911 call.

The mystery of a spooky sound coming from a Utah neighborhood has finally been solved. The low-pitched, rhythmic noise was captured on a doorbell camera at 5 a.m. in Salt Lake City.

“What is this sound?!” the baffled homeowner posted to social media. “Kept me up all night. Must have been 80-90db, filled the entire neighborhood.”

One concerned neighbor even called 911, asking the dispatcher, “Can you hear that sound?”

“It almost sounded like a dog barking in a very rhythmical way in sort of a muffed tone,” Linda Morrison told Inside Edition. She said the weird sound woke her up in the middle of the night.

Several theories were floated online. Some people said it sounded like a windmill, a wild mongoose or even an alien invasion.

But when police investigated, it turned out to be a slackline, a thin piece of nylon used as a portable tightrope between trees, that was whipping in the intense wind.

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