Mystery Object Falls Into Florida Couple’s Yard

Weather Balloon
Teresa Fuhr

No, this did not come from a UFO or deep space.

A Florida couple had an experience last month that one might see on Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” but this real-life incident occurred last month when a metal sphere with red ribbon was found in their yard.

Teresa Fuhr and her husband, Bill, have lived in Titusville for 50 years and she told Inside Edition Digital that “no one ever saw anything like this before.”

The sphere just hung over their yard high in the trees between their property and their neighbors. Bill moved the strange object over to their yard and called the Brevard County Sheriff's deputies to investigate, My News 13 reported.

“The first police to arrive were very cautious thinking it might be radioactive and they did not want to get too close to it at first,” Teresa told Inside Edition Digital.

The object weighed about 8 to 10 pounds, according to My News 13 and eventually cops called deputies with BCSO Bomb Unit, who arrived and inspected it further.

“They called in someone knowledgeable with bombs,” she said. “He looked at it and then determined that it probably belonged to a weather balloon.”

Teresa said that authorities were on her property for two-and-a-half hours before giving the all clear.

Teresa said weather balloons are common in the area due to the proximity of the Space Station nearby but has not seen one before, adding, “we first saw it we had no idea.”

Weather balloons are the primary source of data that allows for the input of computer forecast models, local data for meteorologists to make forecasts and predict storms, and data for research, according to the National Weather Service. They added that weather balloons are released simultaneously from almost 900 locations worldwide, including 92 released by the National Weather Service in the U.S. and its territories.

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