Naked and Armed New Jersey Meat Mogul Confronts Would-Be Thief Outside Mansion

"You know, nobody wants their behind on camera," Evan Wexler tells Inside Edition. He says the incident was the 18th time thieves have targeted his Fort Lee mansion.

A New Jersey homeowner was in such a rush to scare away a would-be thief, he forgot to put his pants on.

Evan Wexler, a 56-year-old supermarket meat mogul, brandished a rifle on the porch of his mansion in the middle of the night and confronted the thief eyeing his luxury car — all while completely naked.

Wexler said it’s the 18th time his mansion in Fort Lee has been targeted.

Now in an unusual turn of events, Wexler said he finds himself in trouble after he says his gun accidentally discharged.

“The next thing you know, they want to arrest me for a gun discharging. There was no victim. There should be no crime,” Wexler said.

Wexler has security cameras everywhere, but that hasn’t deterred the bad guys.

In fact, just Monday night, Wexler says brazen thieves were on his property again. 

When asked about the images of himself without clothes, Wexler said, “I’m not happy about that. You know, nobody wants their behind on camera.”

The local police departments says they are beefing up their presence in the neighborhood to deter car thieves.

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