Naked Intruder Seen Wandering Through California Home Tells Homeowner ‘This Is My House'

The Bel Air home invasion took a sinister turn when the man violently slammed the family's pet birds on the ground. The startled homeowner jumped off the master bedroom balcony and onto the hood of his car before calling police.

A naked man was seen on surveillance camera making himself at home during a bizarre home invasion that involved the alleged intruder swimming in the pool, relaxing on the balcony and claiming it was his house when confronted by the actual homeowner. 

The intrusion in Bel Air, California, took a sinister turn when the man, now wrapped in a towel, yanked the family’s pet parakeet out of the cage and violently slammed it on the ground, before killing a second pet bird.

Homeowners Mat and Monica Sabz are heartbroken over the incident. Monica wasn’t home during the break-in, but saw it all unfold over her Ring cam. She confronted the intruder over the loudspeaker and told him to get out. Monica then called her husband, who was getting dressed upstairs.

“As I'm talking to her, all of a sudden, boom — I just see this guy looking at me right in the eye,” Mat said.

When Mat confronted the man, he responded, “This is my house.”

The startled homeowner jumped off the master bedroom balcony, onto the hood of his car and called police.

“I jumped on the car, barefoot with my underwear. I just started running,” Mat said. 

Private security responded and ordered the man to get on the ground. Then police arrived on the scene. 

The homeowners say their two children are traumatized by the events. 

The naked man gained entry into the home after he found the garage door opener in an unlocked car. He’s being held on $50,000 bail.

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