Woman Ambushed at Gunpoint in Driveway in Terrifying Home Invasion Caught on Camera

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A Florida woman was ambushed at gunpoint in her driveway before being tied up inside by armed robbers in a terrifying home invasion caught on camera. She was getting ready to leave when she was suddenly rushed by two masked bandits exiting a car parked on the street.

Right before the first attacker reaches her, she spins around and throws her cup of coffee at one of them, the video shows. He then points his gun at her and forces her to the ground, before ordering her back inside the house near Fort Lauderdale.

After tying up the woman, the suspects ransack the home for valuables, stealing $2,700 worth of items, police said. Outside, a female accomplice can be seen yelling something to the others. The suspects flee, then a scream can be heard. The accomplice wipes her fingerprints off the door handle with her sleeve.

Inside Edition spoke to personal safety consultant Steve Kardian about what to do if something like this happens to you.

“Get in the car, lock yourself in there, start the car and get out of here,” Kardian said. “If you're getting in your car and you don't get a chance to shut the door and the predator grabs it, you're gonna turn this way, brace against the steering wheel and the door, kick, kick, kick, and at the same time blow the horn, cause you want to attract attention.”

“You wanna do everything possible not to be taken into the house, because they have isolation and control,” Kardian said.


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