Boy, 5, Thwarts Indiana Home Invasion By Throwing Toy Trucks at Gun-Toting Suspects

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A 5-year-old Indiana boy is being hailed a hero after he thwarted a terrifying home invasion by throwing his toy trucks at the gun-toting suspects. “He wasn’t scared at all. He said he had to protect his mom,” Tamika Reid said of her son, David.

A security camera captured four men on video forcing their way into the home after kicking in the kitchen door in the family’s quiet neighborhood in South Bend. Reid was ironing when the men tore into the room and pointed their guns at the family.

“I’m still having nightmares. It's hard for me to sleep,” she told Inside Edition.

That’s when David picked up his toy trucks and threw them at the suspects. He also landed some punches on the men.

“I wouldn't have thought in a million years to fight someone with guns in their hands. All he thought was he had to protect his mom,” Reid said.

The boy’s actions startled the suspects and they quickly gave up and exited the home, leaving empty handed. A police spokeswoman said while he was extremely brave, no little boy should have to go through something like this.


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