Neighbors Call Police After Family Stages Realistic Car Wreck for Halloween

They family said they just love Halloween.

One New Jersey family's Halloween display is so realistic that it has neighbors calling police.

Krysten Negrotto, 27, and her husband, Kevin, who live in Waretown, made the gruesomely realistic scene that depicts a “dead zombie” pinned against a tree on their front lawn, complete with fake blood and a “wrecked” Toyota Supra.

The pair said they created it simply because they love Halloween.

They weren’t expecting local police to show up at their door and tell them neighbors thought the scene was too realistic.

“The police said a neighbor called and complained and that the neighbor wanted it taken down,” Krysten Negrotto told “[The police] loved it and encouraged us to add more.”

Negrotto said the idea for the scene came from a tale they made up about a character named “Zombie Bob.” The family placed a sign detailing the character's backstory next to the scene for people to read.

“The kids in the neighborhood love it and come over daily to see it,” Negrotto said. “My son loves the Supra and zombies so we came up with both. And that’s how he came to be.”

Negrotto said they used dummies to create “Zombie Bob” and another bloodied figure lying on the lawn. Her husband used the Toyota he is working on and detached its bumper for the “crash site" in the scene.

“It’s Halloween. It’s a zombie. We did it for fun,” Negrotto said. “We mean no harm by it at all. We are sorry if you are offended by it, but it’s for a Halloween and there is only about a week and half left.”

The mother said she is grateful there are more people who love it than people who don’t.