New Book About Trump’s Final Days in Office Claims His Inner Circle Became Concerned Over His Mental Health

The book showcases how Donald Trump became the first incumbent in three decades, since George H.W. Bush, to lose reelection.

A new book about Donald Trump’s final days in office has come out and claims that many within the former president’s inner circle were worried about his mental health after he lost the election.

The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender wrote the book called, “Frankly, We Did Win The Election: The Inside Story On How Trump Lost,” which hit shelves last week. It chronicles the final days of Trump’s time in the White House and says the claim in the book's title of winning the election came from Rudy Giuliani, the former president’s disgraced personal attorney.

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Bender told Inside Edition that Trump “blurted” out the phrase during “his speech that we had won the election,” after Giuliani came up with the idea.

“Rudy told his team and told the press to go out in public and declare that he had won even though there was no evidence that night that he had,” Bender claimed.

Bender says Trump's inner circle became concerned about his mental health.

“What shocked me was that the people around Trump had come to believe he was dangerous for the country that was desperate and unhinged in his desperation to hold on to office,” Bender said.

Trump has denied the allegations in the book.

Bender says before heading up to Bedminster, New Jersey, for the summer, Trump and the former first lady dined each night in front of guests at Mar-A-Lago in Florida.

“I caught him in the transition from leader of the free world to the king of Palm Beach,” Bender said.

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