New Hampshire Cop Pulls Over DoorDash Driver, Then Finishes Her Delivery From McDonald's

Cop Makes Door Dash Delivery
Add food delivery to the duties of a New Hampshire patrol officer.Getty/Stock

A New Hampshire man was a little stunned to see a police officer at his door, holding his DoorDash order from McDonald's.

To protect and to serve in a rural New Hampshire town also, apparently, includes DoorDash deliveries.

A patrol officer in Brentwood, population 4,200, took it upon himself to deliver a McDonald's DoorDash order after the driver was pulled over in a traffic stop.

Police Officer Bob McConn is getting a lot of attention after he showed up at the door of David Eldridge's house, holding his McDonald's order of two cheesburgers, fries and a McFlurry.

“Well, I wondered what was going on,” Eldridge told the Portsmouth Herald.  “I wasn’t worried about being arrested.”

McConn explained he was trying to help the DoorDash driver, whose license and registration were expired. McConn and another officer at the scene said the driver produced receipts and documents that showed her license and registration should have been renewed.

“We really tried working hard with her just to get it all straightened out,” McConn told the newspaper. “We worked with her for longer probably than most departments or agencies would.”

Nonetheless, the officers said they had no choice but to take the driver and her car into custody while the discrepancies were sorted out.

Which left the problem of the McDonald's bag.

The officers didn't want the woman to get fired for what could have been a paperwork mistake. They also wanted to make sure Eldridge got his food.

So off went McConn, fast food in tow.

“We don’t want to see her lose her job based on circumstances that probably, might be, beyond her control,” McConn said.

And seeing a cop at his door holding his order made Eldridge laugh.

“It was just kind of funny,” Eldridge said. “Really above and beyond.”

Brentwood Police Chief John Ventura told the paper that his officers were just exemplifying what cops do in their town.

"We don’t just stop at the arrest, don’t just stop at the traffic ticket,” Ventura said. “We kind of go above and beyond as much as we can.”

Eldridge agreed. 

"There's compassion in the police force," he said.

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