New Jersey Man Finds Pearl in Grand Central's Oyster Bar Dinner

Man Finds Pearl in Oyster Dinner in New York City Restaurant

At first, Rick Antosh thought he had found something truly disgusting in his oyster lunch.

The floating pellet looked like "a filling or a tooth," the New Jersey resident told CBS New York

But no. It was a pearl, right there in his oyster pan roast.

Antosh was eating with a friend at the Oyster Bar inside Grand Central Terminal when, "All of a sudden, whoop! What is that?"

The white nugget had a dark mark on it. "When I saw the black dot, it really intrigued me ... is this something that broke off a utensil in the kitchen?"

The chef came out, looked at Antosh's discovery and said it was indeed a pearl. "He's been there 28 years and this is only the second time his has happened," Antosh explained.

He is not going to have it appraised, he said. He's going to keep it as a good luck charm. "It's a good sign," he said.