New Jersey Woman Wins $2M From a Scratch-Off Ticket Her Dad Gifted to Her

She plans to take her family on vacation with some of her winnings.

A New Jersey woman received the gift of a lifetime when her father gave her a scratch-off ticket

Melissa Spagnola’s dad gave her a $20 “100X The Bucks” ticket he bought at a local Wawa. She ended up winning $2 million.

There was no special occasion for the present, New Jersey Lottery said in a press release Tuesday. Spagnola’s parents have been playing the lottery for years, and they like to buy tickets as gifts.

She scratched off the ticket in front of her family, and everyone was in shock by the big win. 

"Is it real?" Spagnola asked her parents, showing them the ticket. They assured it was.

Spagnola said her victory felt surreal, and her sister cried.

Spagnola claimed her winnings in April. As a treat, she plans to take her family to the Bahamas and share some of the money with them.