New Mom Discovered She Was Pregnant 30 Minutes Before Giving Birth

“I felt fine, I never started showing, everything was normal,” said 23-year-old Ally Opfer.

An Ohio mother welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world, just 30 minutes after discovering she was pregnant.

“I always loved babies and knew I wanted to be a mom one day,” new mom Ally Opfer told “Not necessarily right then."

The 23-year-old from Cleveland explained she was hospitalized for what doctors believed were kidney stones when an ultrasound revealed she was 38 weeks pregnant, and already in labor.

About  a half-hour later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Oliver.

“I was shocked and didn’t really believe it,” Opfer explained. “I didn’t realize how much I needed him until I had him.”

Opfer explained it has been more than a year since her surprise birth, and it continues to baffle her and her family members.

She said she has always had irregular periods, and when she started missing them months ago, she didn’t notice anything was wrong.

A few pregnancy tests she took early on also came up negative.

“I felt fine, I never started showing, everything was normal,” Opfer recalled about her pregnancy. “It could be because the way I was carrying or the way my son was in my stomach. I’m not really sure why I didn’t show.”

Thankfully, she has never been much of a drinker or smoker, although she did enjoy deli meats and tuna during her pregnancy, which doctors usually advise expectant mothers to avoid.

“I wasn’t eating healthy either,” she joked.

Opfer first had an indication that something was happening in her body when she began experiencing what she believed to be painful menstrual cramps.

It was more than two days later, when she began screaming from pain, that she was taken to the hospital. Doctors then ran several tests before determining she was pregnant.

Because of complications in her pregnancy, she delivered little Oliver by C-section the day before Christmas Eve.

“Even though I didn’t think I wanted a child or needed one yet, once he came, he definitely made me realize how much I needed him,” Opfer said.

A year later, she said her baby boy continues to do well.

“He is my very best friend,” she said. “Our connection is so strong. He is always following me around the house. We are always playing together when I am home.”