New Parents Shock Family With Twin Babies: 'A Double Surprise'

Emily and Eli Schroeder didn't tell their friends they had twins until after they were born.

Everyone knew this Wisconsin couple was expecting a baby, but no one knew they were having two.

Twin boys Evan and Everett surprised his parents' friends and families, who were only anticipating one baby.

“When we found out we were having twins, we decided to keep that a secret," their mom Emily Schroeder of Antigo told SWNS. "I thought it would be fun — a double surprise."

Emily and her husband Eli explained they became pregnant last October through IVF. When they learned they would be having twins, keeping the news to themselves proved to be difficult.

"It was really hard to keep the secret and I don’t have a very good poker face," Emily said.

When her baby bump grew bigger than other moms, she told friends that those who have undergone IVF retain more fluid.

“None of my family members had experience with IVF so they weren’t suspicious,” Emily said.

The parents were finally ready to reveal the secret after their boys were born in June, when they filmed everyone’s reaction.

Great-grandmother Renie Wagner, 81, was especially moved by the surprise.

“I loved surprising them one by one," Emily said.