New Type of COVID Mask Based on Snorkeling Gear Available for Holidays

Narwall Mask

A 28-year-old self-described “nerd” from Baltimore has created a new type of mask to protect from coronavirus after he based it off snorkeling gear.

The mask known as the Narwall Mask has just hit the market on its website which says, “We liked the reference to an aquatic hero with something sticking out of its head, equipped to fend off assailants...We know. We’re nerds.”

The creator, Alex Rattray, spoke to The Washington Post about its strange and futuristic design that looks more like something from a sci-fi flick like “Tron” or “Aliens” than it does in the fashion staples of 2020.

He says he tested his own product out after his father ended up hospitalized in Seattle. He told the Washington Post he took a coronavirus test to makes sure he hadn’t been exposed and then wore the mask throughout the plane trip to guard against catching anything while traveling. Since then, he has worn it 100 times, and his company website claims it is “More effective than a face shield with an N95.”

He said that during the height of the pandemic, people around him became very alarmed, so he wanted to craft something that would allow for his friends and family to feel safe around each other. Washington Post reports he was working as a software engineer for a company in California but left that job in April, the next month, he moved to Baltimore to be with his significant other and really got designing the product.

“For me, it’s a win for this to be a break-even project that helps a lot of people,” he says.

The masks sell for $85.


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