New Video Shows Fatal Police Shooting of Double Amputee Fleeing and Armed With Knife

Anthony Lowe brandished a 12-inch butcher knife, which cops say they told him to drop. Cops also say they tased him twice before opening fire, fearing he would throw the knife.

New video shows the moment a double amputee was shot dead by Huntington Park police .

The video show 36-year-old Anthony Lowe scrambling down the sidewalk on what's left of his legs, which are amputated above the knees.

He is brandishing a 12-inch butcher knife, which cops say they told him to drop. Cops also say they Tased him twice before opening fire, fearing he would throw the knife.

Lowe was shot 11 times, and the barrage of gunfire can be heard in a video taken by one eyewitness.

Moments prior, Lowe had stabbed a man at a nearby gas station, with video showing him lunge out of his wheelchair and plunge a knife into a man who says the attack was unprovoked.

"They murdered my son, in a wheelchair with no legs," said his mother, Dorothy Lowe, at a protest last week. "They do need to do something about it."

Ellakenyada Gorum, the victim's cousin, sobbed. "He was loved," she said. "And it's sad how these police are getting away with killing our African American people. Just getting away with it. He was in a wheelchair. What more could he do? What more could he do?" said as she sobbed.

Lowe was having a mental health episode when confronted by police, his family said. Grainy cellphone video shot by a bystander and posted on social media appears to show officers with guns drawn approaching Lowe, who they said was holding a knife, as he falls from his wheelchair then tries to get away on his amputated limbs.

"You guys knew your lives wasn't in danger," Gorum said. "He's running on his limbs, how cold-hearted could they be?"

The three Huntington Park police officers involved in the incident as on administrative leave while the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office investigates the fatal shooting

Police Chief Cosme Lozano said at a news conference on Monday that Huntington Park officers do not wear body cameras.


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