New York Man Arrested for Allegedly Having 420 Pounds of Marijuana in His Car During Traffic Stop, Cops Say

Pot bust
A traffic stop led to a rather large discovery, authorities said.Getty Stock

The New York City man was charged with intent to distribute marijuana, authorities said.

A New York City man was arrested after 420 pounds of pot was allegedly found in his car during a traffic stop, authorities said.

Li Fan Feng, 20, of Queens, was pulled over for speeding last week on Interstate 95 in New Jersey, prosecutors said, and was charged with first-degree possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Feng was arrested without incident and was held overnight at the Bergen County Jail, according to a statement from the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office.

Feng was released with conditions on Friday, the prosecutor's office said.

The officer who stopped Feng saw 18 large cardboard boxes and several black garbage bags in the back of the vehicle, according to court records, reported.

A K9 member of the Bergen County Sheriff's Office dispatched to the scene detected suspected narcotics, and contents of the bags and boxes were determined to be marijuana, authorities said. 

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