New York Man Wins $10 Million After Buying Lottery Ticket Every Single Day for Years

"Right now, I just plan to enjoy life!” Michael Marks said.

Persistence paid off for one New York man, who won the lottery after years of buying a ticket at his local APlus convenience store every single day.

Michael Marks hit a $10 million lottery prize on a scratch-off ticket that he purchased while picking up his daily coffee.

“This is my store,” Marks told lottery officials. "I come in here every day for a cup of coffee and my scratch-off tickets.”

Marks, 66, was thrilled when he saw the ticket-scanning machine light up with the words "big winner."

“I asked the retailer for a pen, locked myself in the bathroom and signed the ticket," he said. 

Marks opted to take annual installments of half a million, before taxes. 

As for what he'll do with his windfall, he's not sure yet. 

"Right now, I just plan to enjoy life!” he said.