Couple Wins $20,000 Lottery Right After Finding Out they Need Expensive Truck Repair

Maryland Lottery
Maryland Lottery

Thankfully, the repair will be taken care of now.

A Maryland couple found out they needed an expensive truck repair while at the auto body shop so on their way home they stopped and played the lottery.

Hoping for a turn in luck, Heather and Charles Stephens stopped to play a few rounds of Keno.

Charles filled out and card and gave it to his wife. The couple added the Super Bonus multiplier feature to the three-draw tickets, winning them $20,000.

"I just didn't feel like playing it so I gave it to her and it came up a winner; good thing she's my wife," Charles told Maryland Lottery officials.

They plan to use the money first to repair Charles’ truck, which he uses for his personal business.

After that’s taken care of, they said they will celebrate their fifth anniversary in a special way.