New York Man Wins $3 Million Lottery Because of a Broken ATM

He plans on buying a new home.

Thanks to a broken ATM, a New York man is now $3 Million richer. 

Daniel Grinnell, 50, said he went to the store where he usually buys lottery tickets in Rochester, Fastrac, but the ATM was out of order so he drove to a second store to withdraw money. 

He told New York Lottery officials he bought $40 worth of tickets and won $27.

That’s when he decided to return to the Fastrac. He purchased a few more tickets, one of them being a $3 Million Money Clip ticket. 

He scratched it off in his car and was utterly shocked at the prize.

"I was in disbelief. I checked the ticket about 100 times. I immediately signed it and put it away," Grinnell said.

Grinnell took home the lump sum of $1,558,576 after taxes. 

He plans to buy a home and take care of his son with the money.