New York News Anchor Blames ‘Exhaustion’ for Slurring Words on Air

Heather Kovar is speaking out after she was suspended pending an investigation.

A New York news anchor who was suspended after appearing to be drunk on air is breaking her silence, claiming she was actually just exhausted.

Heather Kovar, the weekend anchor for WRGB-TV in Albany, slurred her words and, at times, rambled incoherently. 

And when she tossed to the weather, she called the meteorologist by the wrong name and just kept stumbling.

The train-wreck performance was a far cry from the put-together anchor her viewers are used to seeing.

In a statement, Kovar insists she was suffering from “sleep deprivation” and “exhaustion” because she had just returned from family leave after the death of her father.

The station released a statement saying Kovar was suspended pending an internal investigation. 

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