The New York Waterfall Where People Are Losing Their Lives for the Perfect Selfie

A new viewing platform has been installed to provide a safe place for picture-taking.

The Kaaterskill Falls in New York state has majestic views and attracts many tourists each year. But selfie-seekers are sometimes getting too close to the edge and they're paying a deadly price.

When walking around the area, spectators need to be especially careful at the top of the falls as the rocks are wet and slippery, and people can easily fall.  

In the last two years, there have been two fatalities from people getting too close to the falls, trying to get in that perfect position to take a selfie.

Signs warn of the perils. 

"Deaths have occurred in this area. Stay back from cliff edge,” one reads. 

Another states: “Danger! Numerous fatalities and serious injuries have occurred."

The Kaaterskill Falls, which are taller than Niagara Falls, are becoming ever more popular as word of their appeal spreads over the internet.

State official Peter Innes told Inside Edition the mistake many visitors make is underestimating the area. 

“We have a nice trail system, but they always wanna go to a different spot where they can get that perfect shot,” he said. “They're going off trails, they're trying to get too close to the edge of cliffs, sometimes they're backing up and falling, or they're slipping.” 

Ezra Kennedy, 17, lost his life at the falls in 2016. His mother, Donna, spoke to Inside Edition. 

"No picture is worth losing your life," she said. "Ezra is not a reckless person, I think he just wanted a closer shot. It is experienced hikers and inexperienced hikers who have been lost there." 

A new viewing platform provides a safe place for the perfect selfie and stone steps have just been installed to make the spot safer.

Innes has this message for visitors: “Stay on the trail, watch your footing, wear the right footwear, and remember, water is very slippery.”