New Yorkers Start Their Day With Goat Yoga: 'One Jumped on My Back'

The goats appeared to enjoy it just as much as the humans did.

While most people were sleeping, nearly 100 New York City residents gathered before sunrise Wednesday to practice goat yoga.

The class, which took place at Irving Plaza, featured music, lights, and the furry animals wandering around between mats and even hopping onto the backs of participants. The event was part of an annual celebration for "Daybreaker" an organization that puts on early morning dance parties.

For many who stood in a lengthy line in the bitter cold, it was worth the wait.

“I wanted to do something different," participant John Zeller told "You don’t get the opportunity to come to this kind of stuff at 6 a.m. in the middle of the city. It’s pretty sweet.”

Zeller, of Oregon, said he’s visiting the area on business and found the experience to be quite unique, and it wasn't exactly good, clean fun.

“They were pooping and peeing — there was definitely some messes, probably some more petting than yoga but it was worth it overall,” Zeller said. “One jumped on my back. He was kind of up on it. They like it when you pet their horns.”

The goats, which waltzed around the dimly lit room dressed in Santa hats and reindeer antlers to accompany their horns, are from Gilbertsville Farmhouse, a business that puts on goat yoga classes, as well as other goat-related events.

“The goats love it — they love the human interaction," Sharon Boustani, co-founder of the farmhouse, told "We always say it’s therapeutic both for us and for the goats.”

Boustani said the class is a great alternative to traditional yoga as it’s lighthearted and helps people connect with one another. 

“You can imagine starting a yoga class and having a bunch of goats walk in," Boustani said. "It’s just like an instant icebreaker.”

The goats at the event are already six months old and set to retire soon.

They are growing too large to jump and climb on participants. Their kids will be next up for the job, Boustani explains. 

Instructor Kelly Morrissey encourages all who are interested in yoga to try it, at least once.

“It’s really funny to watch them and just the way people react to them,” Morrissey said. “It brings so much joy to people.”