Newlyweds Take Stunning Photos in Front of Storm Clouds

The couple and photographer rushed to get the striking shots.

A looming supercell storm served as the dramatic backdrop for one Texas couple's wedding photos.

Wind howled and clouds rolled in Amarillo as Morgan LeeAnn Monteiro and Manuel Monteiro posed for their pictures after getting hitched. And the final product was striking.

Photographer Brittani Preece captured the newlyweds kissing under dark, swirling skies. Manual dipped his bride for a kiss, and Morgan worked to keep her hair in place.

"There is a saying 'If it rains on your wedding, it's good luck.' So what's the saying for when a huge Super Cell starts forming? I don't believe there is one, but we need to make one for the Texas Panhandle!" Preece wrote on Facebook. "I love a couple who does whatever it takes for a shot."

Footage from the ceremony showed the wind starting to pick up as the couple said "I do." Instead of fretting about the bad weather, the bride and groom decided to make the most of it. After the shoot was over, Morgan made a beeline for the reception to avoid the downpour.

"It was pretty scary," Morgan told Inside Edition.

"I think she was worried her dress would get soaked," Manuel added.

Supercells are rare thunderstorms. They can produce severe weather, including damaging winds, large hail and sometimes tornadoes.