Nick Nolte Spotted Wearing Same Hawaiian Shirt From Notorious 2002 Arrest

It was a blast from the past for the "48 Hours" star.

Nick Nolte has been photographed in his famous Hawaiian shirt, nearly 16 years after he was seen wearing it in a mugshot. 

The floral shirt was last seen in his now-notorious November 2002 mugshot following an arrest for DUI.

The Hawaiian shirt appeared a little faded but still in good shape after Nolte was photographed wearing it in Malibu, California, Wednesday. 

The 77-year-old actor wore the shirt partially unbuttoned while out on the town, pairing it with hospital scrubs. A bandage was wrapped around his elbow and it appeared he's sporting a hospital wristband.

Nolte has a handful of projects coming out, including the film "The Padre," which is due later this year.