Nik Wallenda Performs 7-Person Pyramid, Months After Relatives Were Injured During Stunt

The act is widely considered one of the most dangerous in the history of the circus.

Daredevil Nik Wallenda is back performing his family’s most famous, death-defying stunt in New York City.

The Wallenda clan is famous for the dangerous seven-person pyramid, which is performed on a high wire. 

“It is considered the most dangerous stunt in the history of the circus,” he told Inside Edition. 

The same stunt seriously injured five members of his family in February, when they fell 30 feet to the ground.

“My sister broke every bone in her face,” he said. “She broke her arm and her leg.”

The crowd at the Big Apple Circus in New York City held their collective breath Thursday night as the stunt was performed under the big top.   

“In 1962 my two uncles were killed and one was paralyzed,” Wallenda said as a cautionary tale as to how hazardous the stunt is. 

The seven performers have to be in complete synchronicity and are constantly calling out to one another to make sure all goes smoothly. 

“This is a dream to be under the big top because this is how I was raised,” Wallenda said.