North Carolina Woman Dives Into Freezing River With 'Turbulent Current' to Save Drowning Mini Poodle

Riu, a miniature poodle that fell into a freezing river, is now thriving.
Riu, a miniature poodle that fell into a freezing river, is now thriving.Facebook

She and another woman had watched the pup fall into the river, but didn't think he would survive until animal rescue arrived.

A miniature poodle that had fallen into a freezing North Carolina river was thankfully saved by a kind-hearted woman who knew there was no time to wait for animal services, and instead dove in to rescue the dog herself.

Now, Asheville Animal Control authorities and animal shelter volunteers are hailing the woman a hero.

“It had stormed the previous day, so the river level was high with powerful currents. The water was freezing,” said Asheville Animal Control Officer Becky Doty, who responded to the scene, according to a press statement. “He was very lucky.”

The tiny pup, now named Riu, had somehow ended up in the French Broad River, and struggled to stay afloat against the “turbulent currents,” the Asheville Humane Society said in a Facebook post.

Two women had watched the pup run past them and fall into the river, and immediately called the Asheville Animal Services.

However, as Riu began to lose his battle against the waves, one of the women dove into the water and pulled the poor pup out.

After a full medical evaluation, animal shelter staff gave Riu a clean bill of health and placed him with a foster home.

“When we took him in, he was traumatized and shaking with fright,” his foster said, according to the animal shelter. But thanks to a warm place to sleep and companionship from another dog living in the home, Riu is now thriving.

To learn more adopting Riu or another animal, visit the the Asheville Humane Society’s website.

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