North Carolina Woman Wins $1 Million Lottery Prize Thanks to Text Message

"It’s very serendipitous," Sue Manchester said.

A North Carolina woman credited her $1 million lottery win to a text message.

“My coworker texted during my lunch break on Friday to ask me to pick up a Red Bull,” Sue Manchester told lottery officials.

Her typical gas station was packed, so Manchester stopped off at another to pick up the drink and a Colossal Cash scratch-off ticket.

“I grabbed the Red Bull and then noticed I had a $20 and a $10 bill,” Manchester said. “I decided to get one of the tickets since my coworker has been winning on it recently.”

And she was lucky she did.

“I saw the symbol and was like, ‘No. This doesn’t happen.’ I showed the same coworker and he said, ‘Sue, you just won $1 million.' I still didn’t believe it. It’s very serendipitous. Especially since I rarely get scratch-off tickets.”

All told, Manchester took home a little over $420,000 after electing to take the lump sum and deducting required taxes.