Northern Lights Shimmer and Put on a Stunning Show Over Alberta, Canada

Similar examples of aurora borealis were recently spotted in both Australia and New York.

A moment of Zen was had when the northern lights put on a spectacular show over Sylvan Lake in Alberta, Canada.

Time-lapse photography shows how the lights shimmered and glowed like a celestial curtain.

Also known as aurora borealis, the northern lights happen when solar wind, or energized particles from the sun, collide with the earth’s atmosphere, giving off light.

The phenomenon is particularly noticeable in high-latitude regions of the earth.

A stunning version of Aurora Australis, lights over Australia, was captured a few years ago by the International Space Station.

And in 2019, the lights over Newcomb, New York, in the north of the state, appeared blue. 

Photographer Jeff Adams, who shot this most recent example of the heavenly display, says it was one of the best he’d seen.

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