Nurse Says Life Was Upended, Son Was Put in Foster Care for Weeks, After She Was Charged With DUI While Sober

Single mom and nurse Katie Slayton was arrested for driving under the influence as well as felony child neglect because her son was in the car. But Slayton was completely sober.

A nurse said her life was upended after she was arrested for DUI, even though she was completely sober.  

Police body camera footage showed the moment single mom Katie Slayton was arrested for driving under the influence as well as felony child neglect because her son was in the car. Her son was placed in foster care for nine weeks following the incident.  

“It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. it was like a part of me was missing,” Slayton said.  

Slayton’s nightmare began when she picked up her son from daycare in Franklin, Tennessee. A daycare worker called police to say her behavior seemed erratic. 

Before she drove away, police came and gave her a field sobriety test, which she did not pass.  

The police report claimed Slayton showed uncoordinated behavior and slurred speech. But Slayton said she was exhausted by the grueling 12-hour shifts in a COVID-19 ward she had been working.  

She also had taken her regular prescription dose of Adderall for attention deficit disorder, which may have explained some of her reaction.  

“It dawned on me that, oh my God, if I don't pass this sobriety test, I may not be taking my son home,” Slayton said. “Once I realized that, I started shaking. 

It took six months for a blood test to come back negative for alcohol. The charges against Slayton were dropped.  

“I knew I hadn't done well on the field test, but I really thought they would be able to tell the difference between someone who was tired and somebody who was actually impaired,” she said.  

Police told Inside Edition they reviewed the footage and determined the officers made the correct call. They also noted a judge had determined there was probable cause for the arrest. 

The Franklin Police Department's full statement can be read below: 

Franklin Officers received a call for service from a daycare center regarding Ms. Slayton who was at that location picking up her son. Apparently, there was a concern by the staff regarding Ms. Slayton’s condition and whether she should be driving a vehicle, especially with her son accompanying her.

When Officers arrived, Ms. Slayton was in her vehicle in the driver’s seat. Officers talked to the complainant and interviewed Ms. Slayton. They administered a field sobriety test due to the nature of the original complaint and preliminary observations regarding Ms. Slayton’s ability to safely drive.

As you can see in the body cam footage, Ms. Slayton performed poorly on the field sobriety test. Officers made the determination at that time, to charge Ms. Slayton with driving under the influence as they felt it was not safe to let her drive with her child. Our department has reviewed the footage and have determined our officers made the correct call to provide for the safety of the child, Ms. Slayton and other drivers.

Since there was no one to take custody of the child, the Department of Children Services was contacted. They had jurisdiction over next steps regarding the child, and not the Franklin Police Department. The Franklin Police Department does not control how the blood tests are processed.

The Williamson County Magistrate found probable cause to support charges and warrants were obtained.

Due to potential litigation, the Franklin Police Department will not be able to comment further.

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