NYPD Officers Uses Empty Bag of Chips and Tape to Save a Stabbing Victim's Life

Officer Ronald Kennedy's actions saved the victim's life, according to the attending physician at Harlem Hospital.

A New York City Police officer jumped into action using an empty bag of potato chips and tape to help save a man who was stabbed in the chest, officials said.

Officer Ronald Kennedy of 28th Precinct was called to the scene at 290 Lenox Ave. in Harlem, on July 7. The man, who was hunched over and bleeding profusely, told the officer that his alleged assailant caught “me in my lung." The graphic bodycam video gives a play-by-play of the officer's heroic actions. During the ordeal, the officer is seen telling a bystander to get a bag of chips and tape from a nearby bodega as he directs two other bystanders to help him lay the injured man on his back. 

Seconds later, the officer is seen quickly emptying the bag of chips, placing it over the man’s wound and taping it up to prevent the man’s chest cavity from filling with air, Fox News reported.

Once paramedics arrived, the empty chip bag was replaced by something more efficient as emergency personnel transported the victim to Harlem Hospital. 

According to the attending physician at Harlem Hospital, Officer Kennedy's life-saving skills saved the victim's life, officials said.

“This is just one example of the heroic work that your NYPD officers do everyday,” NYPD Police Chief Robert Rodney Harrison said, commending Kennedy and posting the video on Twitter

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea wrote on Twitter “Above & beyond!” …. “NY’s #Finest at work.” 

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