Officers in Phoenix Forced to Break Car Window to Rescue a 2-Year-Old Trapped Inside Hot Car

A similar scenario also played out in Arizona City. The ordeal is scary considering that excessive heat warnings are in effect in the region.

Phoenix police were recently forced to break the window of a car to rescue a child trapped inside. Afterward, one of the officers had to climb through to extract the 2-year-old boy strapped to his car seat. 

Police say the child’s mother had just returned from the grocery store and was about to unload the child and shopping bags when she accidentally locked herself out of the car.

“It's such a helpless feeling, I can imagine what she was feeling. I felt horrible for her, and I felt horrible for the child,” Officer Mike Mehlhouse from the Phoenix Police Department said.

He added, “I'm just grateful to be out there and to be able to help.”

Once inside the car, the officer unbuckled the toddler and was able to hand him to his mother. 

“He was checked out. It was great to see he was playing with his LEGOs and having a good time. It was great to see that resolution,” another officer, Michael Coddington, added.

Two days earlier, a similar scenario played out in Arizona City. Two children were rescued from a hot car after their parents locked the car keys inside. 

According to the group No Heat, seven children have died in hot cars this year. And Phoenix is one of the hottest places in the country. Excessive heat warnings are in effect, with temperatures reaching as high as 110 degrees. 

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