Simba the Goldendoodle From Arizona Miraculously Survives 200-Foot Fall

The dog underwent surgery to patch up his leg and is on the mend, but he will probably never walk quite the same

Simba, a painfully cute Goldendoodle, had quite the fall during a recent trip to a campsite in Arizona’s Oak Creek Canyon with his humans. While they were taking in the sights, Simba fell off a cliff.

“And Simba came from Ruth, just full-blast right up to me and jumped and then cleared the rock wall and cleared off the cliff,” Simba’s dad, Wesley Wallace, said. His mom, Ruth, added, “There's nothing you can do at the moment, like nothing, really. Just pray.”

After Simba fell, Wesley took off searching for him. Just before dark, he was found alive about 200 feet down from the cliff. “When my husband called me to say that he was alive, I just like, couldn't believe at first. But it was just really just a miracle,” Ruth said.

Simba underwent surgery to patch up a leg and is on the mend. According to Wesley, he will probably never walk quite the same. But once the pup is healed, the Wallaces plan on returning to the campsite. After all, it’s the circle of life — and Simba's happy place.

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