Ohio Haunted House Employees Suspended After Allegedly Staging Mock Rape

Ryan Carr and his girlfriend, Sarah Lelonek, were shocked when the scene unfolded at the Akron haunted house.

An Ohio man was forced to participate in a mock rape at a haunted house in Akron, his girlfriend claims.

Sarah Lelonek and her boyfriend Ryan Carr were at one of the six haunted houses comprising Fright Fest and although there are signs warning things could get physical, the couple said it went too far. 

Lelonek said what happened to her boyfriend was inappropriate.

"I saw him push [my boyfriend] down and then push his shoulders back onto the bed and I said, 'That’s my boyfriend, please stop,'" Lelonek said. "He said, ‘Well he’s not your boyfriend anymore! I am going to rape him.'"

Carr also said at another one of the haunted houses, there was a man telling them they had to "lick his nipples get out," according to WOIO.

Jeremy Caudill, the managing partner of Melanie Lake at Kim Tam Park, where Fright Fest takes place, said he is “shocked and appalled” at the incidents and has suspended several employees in the wake of the allegations.

“Even a mock rape scene has no place as part of any entertainment,” Caudill said. 

The Fright Fest organization said they will now employ additional security in its haunted houses. 

They have also announced they will now donate part of their proceeds from the two upcoming weekends to the Rape Crisis Center of Median and Summit counties.