Ohio Teacher Resigns After Giving Students Strange Morality Quiz

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She was placed on administrative leave Thursday.

An Ohio teacher has resigned after parents called her out for giving students a strange “morality” quiz.

Sarah Gilliam, an English teacher at Hilliard Bradley School for more than a decade, assigned the quiz, which included inappropriate questions about incest and the murder of animals.

The quiz, one of many featured on Idrlabs.com, had one question that asked whether the following was “Not OK” or “OK.” 

“A brother and sister decide they want to sleep with each other — just once, to see what it would be like, but use a condom and the pill."

A district spokeswoman, Stacie Raterman, said Gilliam claimed she intended the quiz to be “thought-provoking.”

Parents did not see it that way, however, and quickly brought the quiz to the staff's attention.

Gilliam was placed on administrative leave Thursday after an investigation by the school district. On Monday, she announced her resignation.

“While the district’s approved curriculum and education materials encourage students to think critically, several items in this online quiz were simply inappropriate and inconsistent with established classroom resources,” the Hilliard Board of Education said in a statement.

Giliam did not respond to InsideEdition.com’s request for comment.