Tales of Amazing Teachers Who Went Above and Beyond

These teachers are taking learning to the next level.

In honor of back-to-school season, Inside Edition is celebrating teachers who share special bonds with their students. 

From an educator who adopted her student to a teacher whose kids are learning the art of dance, these instructors are taking classroom participation above and beyond.

Edwin Sorto in Washington, D.C., teaches salsa and other dances during his class at a public school.

"It’s just joyful to see those kids show their talents and express themselves," he said. 

In Texas, English teacher Bennie Berry said a student, Anthony, was sent to her school for a disciplinary issue.

He explained to me that he actually was in foster care, so we kind of just talked about it for a minute and then he showed me the website. They have a website where the kids are up for adoption," she said. 

So Berry decided to take him in herself, legally adopting Anthony.

“It’s been a process, but it’s been good,” Berry said. 

For more heart-warming stories, check out the video above.