Ohio Teen Lifts Up Car to Rescue Trapped Neighbor

The teen acted fast.

A 16-year-old helped save a life after neighbor became trapped under a car.

Zac Clark and his mom, Lora Clark, were outside of their Ohio home on Saturday when they heard their neighbor’s wife calling for help. Her husband was pinned underneath his car.

“I think he was changing his tire and the tire jack fell out from underneath the car and had him pinned,” Lora told InsideEdition.com.

“Zac ran across the street. It didn’t look good. He was trapped from his waist up to his head underneath the car," Lora added. 

Zac and Lora both began trying to lift to the car, to no avail at first. Lora checked to make sure her neighbor was still breathing, and then Zac did the miraculous. He picked up the car by himself.

“Zac was able to lift it enough and [my neighbor] was able to move out from underneath and we helped get him out,” Lora said. 

The paramedics arrived on scene and the man, who did not wish to be identified, was transported to the hospital.

He's back home now, although he suffered several broken ribs and facial bruising. Lora said their neighbor was thankful.

“He said the doctor told him if it wasn’t for Zac that I could have died,” Lora said. “For him only having those injuries, he had a lucky day. It didn’t look promising.”

And Lora is proud of her son. 

“He is such a kind-hearted, humble kid,” the mom said. “I am thankful.”


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