Flight Attendant Writes Kind Note to Deaf Teen Passenger Flying Alone for 1st Time

Ashley Ober was handed this note on board her flight to New York.
Ashley Ober was handed this note after boarding her flight to New York. Twitter/Loretta Ober

Ashley Ober is still carrying the note from the flight attendant named Janna.

Ashley Ober is 16 and deaf. She was more than a little anxious about flying alone for the first time. But, she told her mom, she wanted to be independent. 

So she got on a plane in Baltimore, headed for Rochester, New York. As her mom waited nervously outside the terminal to receive word that all was OK, Ashley sent her a text.

 "The attendant handed her this note on the plane!" Loretta Ober wrote on Twitter. "Delta makes it amazing!"

Ashley landed in Rochester without incident, but she is still carrying the note from the flight attendant named Janna.

The missive read: “Hi good morning Ashley, my name is Janna and I will be your flight attendant on today’s flight to JFK.  There are two buttons above your head a yellow one that controls the reading light and a big gray one with a person on it that you can use to call me if you need anything.”

After explaining where the emergency exits were, the note ended with: “Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need any assistance. Again my name is Janna and welcome aboard our CRJ200 aircraft.”

"I really felt relieved," Ashley told CNN. "And I felt more comfortable on my flight," she said. 

The airline issued a statement saying, "We are extremely proud of the thoughtful approach" taken by the flight attendant. "Our goal is to make the world a more inclusive place, ensuring travel is easy for all people."

Ashley even mastered switching planes at behemoth John F. Kennedy International Airport, a massive site that can confuse a person who possesses all of their senses.

“I’ve never experienced that kind of politeness before. It just inspired me,” Ashley said. “I put it in my bag. I kept it. I still have it," she said, referring to the note. "It’s with me all the time,” she said. “I’m going to cherish that.”

The mother's social media post has gone viral, with thousands weighing about the random act of kindness by a complete stranger.

"I sincerely hope other airlines would also follow this and make flying an enjoyable and hassle free experience," wrote one poster. "After all the crap I have had to put up with in my travels this was a welcome change," said another.