Oklahoma Man Charged After Allegedly Covering Up the Murder of the Woman His Wife Was Having an Affair With

Shayla Grant
Facebook/Shay Grant

Matthew Rekart, 33, was arrested in connection to the death of Shayla Grant, who police say was in a romantic relationship with Rekart’s wife.

An Oklahoma man has been accused of covering up the murder of his wife's mistress.

Matthew Rekart, 33, was arrested on charges related to the murder of Shayla Grant, who police say was in a romantic relationship with Rekart’s wife, according to 5 News

Grant was initially believed to have died from a car crash on April 6, but the car's data allegedly showed that she wasn’t going fast enough to have been injured as badly as she was, 5 News reported. 

"The damage to Grant's vehicle appeared minimal, and did not appear consistent with the fatal injuries sustained by Grant," the affidavit obtained by 5 News stated.

Investigators also found dashcam footage from Grant's car that showed a man, believed by police to be Rekart, walking near her car before it leaves Rekart's driveway and goes to a vacant property, 40/29 TV reported. 

Rekart allegedly used his wife’s phone to lure Grant to his home while his wife was gone, according to 40/29 TV.

The footage from the dashcam showed the car shaking after it arrived at the vacant property, in what police believe was a struggle, 40/29 reported. After the struggle, a man believed to be Rekart walked from the car to a shed on the property carrying a phone and another object.

Grant's phone was later found in the shed, said 40/29 TV.

When Rekart returned to the car without the items, it began to reverse until it collided with a railing, which is why police initially believed Grant’s death was caused by the crash, 5 News reported. 

Rekart has been charged with murder in the first degree - malice aforethought. If convicted he could face the death penalty or life in prison, according to court records. He pleaded not guilty during his initial appearance and will have his next hearing on June 15. 

“My heart hurts for her every second of every day. Shay, you will get your justice, it's in the process of being served. I love you sweetheart,” said Shauna McClure, Grant’s mother, in a Facebook post.

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