Oklahoma Sheriff Seen on Dash Cam Refusing to Give Officer His Driver’s License When Pulled Over

Sheriff Chris Bryant was pulled over for speeding. Cops say he was going 37 mph in a 25 mph zone.

When Officer Henry of the Wilson Police Department recently pulled over a black truck for going 37 mph in a 25 mph zone, it led to him having an awkward encounter with Sheriff Chris Bryant of Carter County, Oklahoma.

Dashcam footage shows that after the officer asks Bryant for his license, he refused to give it to the officer.

“I’m the Sheriff,” he said. “I’m not giving you my license. I’m the Sheriff. I’m not giving you my driver's license.”

The Wilson police officer starts to walk away, but asks Sheriff Bryant to stay where he is. 

At that point, Bryant got out of the pick-up truck, which police say is an unmarked, County-issued vehicle, and questioned the officer.

“Do you realize I’m the Sheriff of this county? You pulled me over. You made your point. Are you going to write me a ticket?”

“I wasn’t going to,” Officer Henry replied. “I was just going to look at your license. I was just asking to look at it. Then I was going to send you on out about your day.”

Bryant then pulled out his driver’s license, held it up at the officer, but did not hand it to him. He also did the same with a card that proves he is in law enforcement.

The Wilson Police chief says he is proud of how the officer “kept his composure.” Sheriff Chris Bryant, on the other hand, has apologized for the actions seen in this video.

“I apologize for my actions on Friday in Wilson,” he said in a statement. “It was poor judgment on my part to be driving in excess of the speed limit and to not promptly display my driver’s license when asked to do so.”

“For whatever little it is worth, I did return to the Wilson Police Department about an hour later and apologized to the officer who had initiated the traffic stop. I have also apologized to the City Mayor as well as the Police Chief. There was no need for me to be curt. This man was simply doing his job.”

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