Olympic Boxer Felix Verdejo Has Been Indicted in Killing of His Pregnant Girlfriend in Puerto Rico

A funeral was held for Keishla Rodriguez a week after her body was found in a lagoon near San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Keishla Rodriguez was laid to rest after her married boyfriend, Olympic boxer Felix Verdejo, allegedly killed her. Verdejo, known as El Diamante or The Diamond, represented Puerto Rico in the 2012 London Olympics before turning pro. 

A funeral was held for the 27-year-old pregnant woman a week after her body was found in a lagoon near San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was reported missing days earlier. 

Mourners gathered to pay their respects as her coffin was pulled through the streets in her neighborhood. As expected, many of them are demanding justice and an end to violence against women.

Before the funeral, Felix Verdejo, 27, was indicted for kidnapping and carjacking, resulting in death and intentionally killing an unborn child. 

Per CBS News, "an FBI complaint, based on testimony from an unidentified witness, accused Verdejo of punching Rodríguez in the face, injecting her with a syringe filled with an unidentified substance bought at a public housing complex, binding her arms and feet with wire, tying a block to her and then throwing her off a bridge."

Federal investigators say Verdejo turned himself in to authorities the day after Rodriguez was found. Now he could face the death penalty if convicted of the charges against him. 

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