Opossum Bombs Live TV Thanksgiving Report by Jenna DeAngelis in New Jersey

The opossum walked right behind the TV reporter doing a Thanksgiving traffic stand up.

A very large opossum walked right through a reporter's live broadcast about holiday traffic for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day weekend.

Thankfully, WCBS' Jenna DeAngelis was blissfully unaware of her unscripted visitor until after her segment. 

"Holy cow, look at that thing," one of her colleagues later said on air. "It's like a bear!"

Animals have long plagued television journalists doing live spots. 

In October, CBS affiliate reporter Morgan Saxton was talking about flooding in Utah, when a four-legged creature walked right into her shot. She wasn't sure what it was.

"I think it's a dog," the journalist gamely explained, despite the animal's passing resemblance to a mountain lion. "Anyway, there's some sort of creature below me," she told viewers. 

Thus began a social media debate about what kind of creature had sauntered up to Saxton. Even the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources responded, saying employees were headed to the area to see if they could find cougar tracks.

Later, the dog's owner posted a photo of his pet.

In February, CBS 8 reporter Nichelle Medina was teasing the station's "Zoo Day" segment when a bird roosted in her hair.

The bright orange scarlet ibis, visiting from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, landed on Medina's scalp and proceeded to giver he "a scalp massage," Medina said later on camera. "As a working mom, I needed that," she joked.